Vice-Rector of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation

Marie-Josée Hébert

Marie-Josée Hébert, Vice-rector of research, discovery, creation and innovation


Marie-Josée Hébert earned a specialized degree in nephrology at the Université de Montréal, followed by postdoctoral studies at Harvard. Dr. Hébert is a researcher and nephrologist-transplant physician at CHUM, professor in the faculty of medicine and holds the Shire Chair in Renal Transplantation and Regeneration. She is also co-director of the Canadian National Transplant Research Program and founder of numerous interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research groups.Her work has enabled the discovery of new mechanisms at work in the rejection of transplanted organs. In 2015, Dr. Hébert received the Dr. John B. Dossetor Award from the Kidney Foundation of Canada in recognition of her outstanding contribution to research in kidney diseases.

A new approach to vice-rector administration

In a new approach to vice-rector administration, Dr. Hébert will continue to do research along with her new administrative functions, with support from two associate vice-rectors and professors, Frédéric Bouchard and Michel Bouvier.

The position of associate vice-rector is a new addition to the university’s organizational chart. Created at the request of the rector, the position is designed to encourage collaborative management of research-related activities in order to give professors an opportunity to play a role in university administration and remain active researchers in their chosen discipline.

While Dr. Hébert has final say in all matters, project management will be a true tripartite effort and will benefit from the complementary expertise of each member in the trio. This innovative model at the organizational level will encourage distributed leadership and provide integrated, intersectoral management for Université de Montréal research activities.

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